Gruene, Texas

Gruene, Texas

Gruene, Texas

Gruene, Texas, a beautiful historic town in Comal County is located just barely outside of New Braunfels, 40 miles North of Austin, 25 miles South of San Antonio, and 160 miles East of Houston. Gruene, Texas is known for highlighting authentic Texas charm through its shops, restaurants, wine tasting, aquatic recreation, lodging, and of course, C&W dancing!

Once a cotton producing community next to the Guadalupe River, Gruene, Texas has shifted its economy to tourism. Gruene is pronounced like the color green, due to its German roots. Arriving in Texas in the mid 1840s, German farmers became the first settlers of what is now known as Gruene, Texas. Henry D. Gruene, the town’s founder, originally bought land for a cotton farm in 1872 with his father and brothers. He built his first home in 1872 and modified it over the years. It stands today as the Gruene Mansion Inn.

Henry D. built several houses in various styles — a Victorian cottage (now Lone Star), a large brick home, and a frame house (now Gruene Haus), The first mercantile store (now Gruene General Store) was built in 1878 and a cotton gin (now the Gristmill River Restaurant and Bar) powered by the Guadalupe River was added shortly after. Further construction during this profitable time included a dance hall and saloon (Gruene Hall), which became the center of the city’s social life.

Gruene, Texas is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is a designated Texas Historic Landmark. The town began a re-birth with restoration of buildings starting in the 1970’s and many structures of Gruene, Texas still exist as shops, restaurants, wine tasting rooms and a dance hall. A historic water tower looms over Gruene Hall, a historical saloon, and the oldest dance hall in Texas, where singers such as Willie Nelson, Lyle Lovett, and George Strait perform.

In Gruene, Texas Lone Star State authenticity is preserved by the artisans, craftsman, and musicians who uphold Texas tradition with their Texas handmade products, artwork, and songs.

Texas Is It! An awesome place to live, work, and play! And enjoy beautiful historical towns!

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